Boramin Ca-Zn

High efficiency nitrogen fertiliser with trace elements complexed with L-α free amino acids for enhanced uptake and translocation.

Greater absorption of the Calcium (Ca), Boron (B) and Zinc (Zn) due to complexing with L-α Free Amino Acids
Further synergy in uptake as Boron enhances the uptake and mobility of Calcium in the plant.
Exclusive combination enhances pollination and reduces flower and fruit drop.
Reduces physiological disorders due to Calcium deficiency such as Bitter Pit, Blossom End Rot (BER) & Tip Burn.
Calcium source is chlorine free ensuring low scorch risk.
Inclusion of Boron with Calcium reduces cracking risk during fruit swell and rain.
Particularly efficient on crops suffering from abiotic and salinity stress.

Boramin Ca-Zn is an easily and rapidly assimilated biostimulant based on Calcium (Ca), Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn) EDTA, and Boron (B) complexed with L-α free amino acids, that helps to create a neutral charged molecule which enhances absorption.

Additionally, only L-α free amino acids are biologically active in crops to make the proteins needed for growth and quality. The L-α free amino acids also help crops to maintain growth during and after stress events, and to neutralise negative chemical stresses, helping to protect crop quality.

Boramin Ca-Zn is particularly effective before, during and after flowering, helping to increase pollination success, and ensuring a good fruit set. Due to the poor mobility of Calcium and Boron, foliar applications of Calcium should always be made to complement regular Calcium fertigations. It is suitable for use in most crops and is specifically designed for foliar application but can also be applied via fertigation. **

*Please, this is not a legal classification. Be aware that this product might not considered as biostimulant according to local legislation. Contact our Rovensa Next team in your country to know which is the legal situation of this product in your area.

**Rovensa Next is a global business unit that delivers solutions for agriculture around the globe. The information shared here may vary depending on the geography. To confirm the product is available in your country or in case of any questions or for additional information, please contact us using the provided form. Thank you.

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