Agricultural Bionutrition.

Developed to maximise crop yield and harvest quality.

They cover specific crop needs.

They improve plant defence mechanisms.

Easy to apply by foliar and soil treatments.

Discover our comprehensive portfolio of biostimulants, sustainable nutrition and technical products to maximise the performance of your crops.

Armonika neo

Highly concentrated PK fertiliser enriched with L-α free amino acids for early crop development & fruit fill.

Atmo, Liquid soybean inoculant


Liquid product for soybean seeds inoculation



Seed pretreatment microbial-based solution.


The ultra-efficient biostimulant obtained from an exclusive and sustainable plant fermentation.

Boramin Ca-Zn

High efficiency nitrogen fertiliser with trace elements complexed with L-α free amino acids for enhanced uptake and translocation.

Delfan Plus

Concentrated L-α free amino acid abiotic stress reliever for consistent crop production.

Final K

Concentrated potassium fertiliser for high quality fruit finish with enhanced uptake due to anti-blocking agent.


Unique flowering and fruit set enhancing biostimulant.

Florastart L

Unique flowering and fruit set enhancing liquid biostimulant.

Humistar WG

Concentrated humic and fulvic acids, 100% rapidly soluble micro-granule.

Idai Brotaverd

An all-natural vasoconstrictor. Fertilizer that fosters sprouting and the regeneration of vascular tissue in plants.


Improved phosphorus solubilisation with special selected Pseudomonas fluorescens.


Concentrated abiotic stress preventing pure Ascophyllum nodosum biostimulant with primactive effect.


The perfect combination of phosphorus and molybdenum to boost crop development and nitrogen biological fixation

Tradecorp AZ

Premium 6 micronutrient chemical mix of EDTA chelates as 100% soluble micro-granule to prevent & correct multiple deficiences.

Turbo Root

Complete Starter and Root Regenerator containing humic acids, L-α free amino acids, NPK & EDTA micronutrients

Turbo Root WG

Complete starter biosolution containing Humic Acids, L-α Free Amino Acids, NPK and EDTA micro-nutrients


The premier Certified Organic Iron (Fe) EDDHA rapidly soluble chelate to prevent & correct Iron chlorosis in all soils, 100% water soluble microgranule.

Vegenergy pro Q

Concentrated solid L-α free amino acid stem strengthening and fruit fill enhancing fertiliser & biostimulant.

Discover our high-performance bionutrition solutions, adjuvants and correctors for each stage of your crops’ life cycle.

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