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Soil regenerating biofertiliser with biostimulant properties

Contributes to soil microbiome enhancement, by increasing rhizosphere microorganisms
Specific coformulants and Calcium are proven to further enhance product efficacy
Enhances and protects the root system
Unblock confined nutrients (e.g.: Phosphorus)
Increase the nutrient use efficiency – NUE (e.g. Iron)
Better yields, improved fruit quality, more profitability
Synergistic effect when applied with soil improver products in low fertility soils
Wiibio biofertilizer - Rovensa Next

Wiibio is a soil regenerating biofertiliser with biostimulant properties* based on a specifically selected strain of the probiotic Bacillus subtilis F1 bacterium, that acts on plant root systems and effectively activate and reinforce key microbial and metabolic processes in soil.

The strain in Wiibio is combined with organic matter and rhizogenic substances enriched with Calcium, that acts as a direct natural promoter and enhancer of plant growth and development, improving yield, quality and thus profitability.

It is suitable for use in most crops, and is specifically targeted for soil application, from early to mid-vegetative cycle, as well as post-harvest in perennial crops.**

Technical specifications

Wiibio is a solution composed of Bacillus subtilis F1 strain, prebiotic molecules, organic matter, rhizogenic substances, and enriched with Calcium.

Guaranteed contents:

▶ Calcium (CaO), water soluble: 11.0 w/w | 14.7 % w/v
▶ Bacillus subtilis: 1 x 10⁷ CFU/m

*Please, this is not a legal classification. Be aware that this product might not considered as biostimulant according to local legislation. Contact our Rovensa Next team in your country to know which is the legal situation of this product in your area.

** Rovensa Next is a global business unit that delivers solutions for agriculture around the globe. The information shared here may vary depending on the geography. To confirm the product is available in your country or in case of any questions or for additional information, please contact us using the provided form. Thank you.

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