Agricultural Adjuvants.

They improve the activity and application characteristics of biocontrol, crop protection and bionutrition.

Our range of solutions serves a variety of purposes depending on requirements, for example as an adhesive, wetting agent, surfactant, drift control, etc

Lower 7 1L

Lower 7

A safer solution for irrigation line cleaning, water acidification (pH correction) and water conditioning

Wetcit 1L (Europe)


The most advanced adjuvant technology for spreader-wetting-penetrant agent.

Wetcit Neo 1L (Europe)

Wetcit Neo

Adjuvant with a unique combination of ingredients to enhance wetting, spreading and penetration properties.

Discover our high-performance bionutrition solutions, adjuvants and correctors for each stage of your crops’ life cycle.

Agricultural Bionutrition

Agricultural Biocontrol

Agricultural Adjuvants and Correctors

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