Tecbom 1L


Natural insecticide against whitefly.

Powerful contact action without creating resistances
Highly effective at low dose against whitefly in many crops
Respects beneficials and is not phytotoxic to the plant
No preharvest period
Improves adhesion for other treatments
Lowers the surface tension of water
Tecbom 1L

Bioinsecticide based of saponified vegetable oleins from 100% natural origin

Tecbom® is natural insecticide with a strong contact action against whitefly. Thanks to its specific technology, tecbom® shows high effectiveness in controlling the pest while fully preserving the plant.

Tecbom® acts by dissolving the chitin or protective layer that covers the exoskeleton of the whitefly, altering the cell membranes, causing death by suffocation and dehydration.

Due to its unique innovative formula, Tecbom® produces vegetal micelles when it comes into contact with water, reducing its surface tension and eliminating impurity particles. That confers strengthening, wetting and purifying effect.

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