Brotaverd 1L


An all-natural vasoconstrictor. Fertilizer that fosters sprouting and the regeneration of vascular tissue in plants.

Improves harvest yields and quality
Maximizes and evens out sprouting and plant development
Increases sap movement
Strengthens the plant vascular system
Covers Zinc, Manganese and Copper deficiencies
Brotaverd 1L

Brotaverd® is a fertiliser rich in microelements that promotes balanced plant development. Among its most significant properties are that it helps to promote sprouting and to boost the regeneration of conductive tissue in the plants.

Treatments with Brotaverd® are particularly indicated at the beginning of the crop and also at specific times to overcome stressful situations such as frost. Idai Brotaverd® is a product with biostimulant action that works systematically and can be used for foliar and root application.**

* Please, this is not a legal classification. Be aware that this product might not considered as biostimulant according to local legislation. Contact our Rovensa Next team in your country to know which is the legal situation of this product in your area.

**Rovensa Next is a global business unit that delivers solutions for agriculture around the globe. The information shared here may vary depending on the geography. To confirm the product is available in your country or in case of any questions or for additional information, please contact us using the provided form. Thank you.

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