Bringing the future closer.

Our Innovation Department develops and applies the most advanced technologies to accelerate efficiency, productivity and sustainability in agriculture and tackle the challenges of a rapidly evolving world.

We take part in innovative projects that generate a positive impact.

Innovation is a cornerstone of our company and strategy.

Our commitment to innovation positions us at the forefront of the next agricultural business model and helps ensure a greener future for agriculture.

Our innovation areas

Our Rovensa Next innovation project prioritises five areas that are aligned with the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, which will be key factors for a new sustainable agricultural model.

Water management

Developing solutions to improve efficient water use, reduce the risk of drought and floods, and boost technologies to treat and recycle water.

Predictive agriculture

Using technologies like machine learning, data analysis and AI to improve decision-making in agriculture, such as identifying weather and soil patterns to improve resource efficiency and increase productivity.

Agricultural production systems

Investing in and using technologies to help prevent desertification, nitrification, and improve urban and vertical agriculture.

Future active ingredients

Developing new active ingredients from eco-sustainable active substances to improve the sustainability and resilience of agriculture and contribute to diversification.

Circular economy

Creating innovative systems to reduce waste, make better use of valuable resources and minimise CO2 emissions.