the Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Food & Agriculture, Dr. Khan´s, recent visit to our Rovensa Next factory in Kilcar, Ireland

Highlighting Dr. Khan’s visit to our factory in Ireland

We are excited to share insights from the Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Food & Agriculture, Dr. Khan´s, recent visit to our Rovensa Next factory in Kilcar, Ireland. Dr. Khan's presence marked a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and strategic growth in Rovensa Next Biostimulants.

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Here’s a concise overview of the purpose, strategic discussions, key visit points, and important takeaways from Dr. Khan’s visit:

Dr. Khan’s visit was focused on nurturing collaboration and exploring avenues for a strategic partnership between our factory in Kilcar and the Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture (ICAF), in alignment with our local business in India and across the wider region. It provided a platform for exchanging ideas, aligning objectives, and charting a course for mutual success in the agricultural sector.

During the visit, Dr. Cathal Daynes, Global Technical Manager at Rovensa Next led in-depth discussions on various strategic initiatives, emphasizing product innovation and sustainability practices.

David Murrin, Plant Manager at Rovensa Next, provided comprehensive explanations regarding the sourcing of Ascophyllum nodosum from different sea bays of Ireland, as well as insights into our manufacturing processes for organic Biostimulant extraction, particularly Phylgreen, along with our stringent quality standards. Additionally, discussions with SM Ilyas,  Quality Control Coordinator, offered Dr. Khan a holistic understanding of our quality operations and capabilities, exploring who no matter where a bottle of phylgreenis purchased in the world it is of the same high quality, and with full traceability right back to the day and individual location the seaweed was harvested.

Dr. Khan and Dr. Dayne’s visit underscored the significance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in driving innovation and advancing the industry. Their valuable insights will undoubtedly contribute to our continuous efforts to deliver excellence in the sustainable agriculture sector.

We express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Khan for his visit and eagerly anticipate further strengthening our partnership in pursuit of shared goals and objectives.

Stay tuned for more updates as Rovensa Next continues to lead innovation and sustainability in agriculture, in collaboration with esteemed partners like Dr. Khan and his organization.


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